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A short history of...

I was born on March 25th 1970 in Karlstad, Sweden. I grew up in the small town of Grums and after a while in the even smaller town of Slottsbron. My immediate family in the early days consisted of my dad Eero, my mom Kaarina and after a year or so my sister Tina.

In my youth I was interested in astronomy, sci-fi and adventure books, superhero comics and listening to Radio Luxemburg on my AM radio. I was also a half-decent goalie playing street hockey with the neighbouring kids.

The very first record I remember buying was Depeche Mode's "Speak & Spell" back in 1981 and even today, when my record collection has grown considerably larger, I view Depeche Mode as the number one musical group in the world. (so there!)

My love for music took a more active part in my life when I met Mikael Askernäs in high school. After finding out that we shared the same taste in music we began recording music in Mikael's bedroom studio and swapping music modules made on our Amiga computers. After a couple of years we founded the electronic pop group Loveless. For more information about the band, visit the Loveless website at www.lvls.net.

Over the last past few years I have become interested in photography and you will find examples of my "ouvres" on this very site. I hope you enjoy them.

I think I'll leave it at that. I did say "A short history" after all...