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Jan-Erik Saarinen designed and coded it and added the images.
Micke Askernäs gracefully provided coding assistance.
Barbara Bowen gave (and gives!) her love and support.

This site is dedicated to my grandfather Aimo. He got me interested in photography when I was young and many of the pictures you see on this site were taken using cameras he left behind.

Thank you:
My family, Fredrik Svensson, Steve Gibson, Gail Rosen, Gisela Reid (and crew), Olav Holten, Björn Hutmacher, Statemachine, Michael Pohl of Wave in Head, Hans Åkerman of Run Level Zero, Monolithic, the city of Corpus Christi, and many more. Thank you all!


Use the email address below.

Contact address

Or contact me through Twitter, where I'm @thejesaar.

Published work

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